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...a last resort, but sometimes necessary
Divorce is a last resort, but sometimes it's the right thing to do. Jewish divorce basics, readings, in-depth study, and related topics
Divorce is a tragedy, but sometimes it's the right thing to do
If souls are united under the Chuppah, can they then split apart? Is divorce ever advisable?
And how to bolster marriage
If we forgo our independence in favor of love, we grow resentful of those we love. If we jealously guard our independence, we risk alienating the ones we love. There must be a happy medium that enables us to retain our independence and our love...
When all other options to remain married have been exhausted, divorce is an act of kindness. However, statistical evidence clearly demonstrates that divorce is infinitely more complicated and painful than people expect. Some sobering facts about divorce.....
When the body is facing death you use the tourniquet; otherwise it does more damage than good
There are times when divorce is necessary in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle, but it is considered a very sad and painful event.
The ‘Get’ and Divorce on Five Levels
The Talmud on Divorce, Lesson 1
This series present a Talmudic perspective on principles related to divorce. In this class we gain an basic overview to the Torah concept of divorce and the chief components needed for a valid ‘Get’ (bill of divorce).
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This four-part Talmud series will present a Talmudic perspective on principles related to divorce, including the rules of agency, intent, and the roles of witnesses—as discussed in the first chapter of tractate Gittin.
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 78 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
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