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Yichud (prohibition)

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Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Parshat Balak
Our Sages recognized that in order to overcome natural temptations, a person must control his sight and thoughts —the faculties through which he can be led astray. The most common cause of a forbidden union is a man and woman – not married to each other –...
Should any physical contact that is friendly be considered intimate? Hopefully, it should.
While everyone thought that he was hiking by himself in the woods, he was actually in Argentina and not at all by himself. What a reprobate. What a hypocrite. How could he do that?
I believe that Edwards is a victim of a society that places him in settings and situations that are optimal breeding grounds for affairs—and at the same time expects him to be chastely faithful...
A human being is always a sexual being. What we do with our sexuality depends on who we are, on what we were raised to believe, on how we were taught, and on our society.
It had always seemed to me that, for most of us, many of the Torah’s laws restricting relations between the sexes are a sort of collective punishment for the sins of a few. But recently my perspective has changed . . .
A Conversation About the Jewish Way in Dating and Marriage
I had to make sure I was understanding this. “Are you serious? You mean even when the couple is married, they purposely aren’t together or even hug, kiss or anything for weeks?”
For an informed reading of I Kings 1:1-31
As David had many sons, there was going to be a need to clarify who would be the heir to David’s throne.
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
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