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Family Purity

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Family Purity: The system of laws which govern Jewish marital life.
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The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 4
Mazal tov! You’re married. Now what? A cornerstone of Jewish life, the Mikvah has long been the secret to building a successful marriage. In the final installment of our course, we look at the mitzvah of Taharat HaMishpacha and how it can help relationshi...
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The mitzvah of immersing in the ritual pool known as a mikvah is the cornerstone of Jewish married life. With this mitzvah, women bring tranquility and harmony to their families.
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Learn the profound mystical meaning and beautiful symbolism of the mitzvah of Mikvah and Family Purity, and discover how intimacy that’s graced by the blessings of marriage can be sanctified.
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