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Mikveh, the

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Mikveh, the: (lit. "collection or gathering [of water]"); ritual bathing pool in which a person immerses himself as part of the transition to ritual purity
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The doctor picked up the sample. He placed a drop on a slide, then slipped it under the eyepiece of the microscope. One glance showed him that it was full of bacteria—he did not bother to analyze it further.
“The community is too poor, and cannot shoulder the financial burden of this endeavor. And as for the local gevir, it is a waste of time even to approach him . . .”
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My father was so deep in meditation that he drew the attention of many passersby. Whenever I observed him in this state I yearned to know what thoughts were engaging his mind, and what world his mind was now surveying. At length a deep sigh inadvertently ...
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