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Mikveh, the

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Mikveh, the: (lit. "collection or gathering [of water]"); ritual bathing pool in which a person immerses himself as part of the transition to ritual purity
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Question: My local mikvah attendant always puts out her hand after I have come out of the pool and asks me to touch her. Do you know the reason for this custom? I am too shy to ask her... Answer: Emerging from the mikvah you have just attained a heightene...
Many Chassidic men are accustomed to go to mikvah on Shabbat morning.
But how about men immersing regularly in a mikvah? There are two primary reasons why, even nowadays, many men immerse.
Dear Rabbi, I am sleeping over at the home of someone who does not keep the kosher dietary laws. May I use their cups to do the ritual hand washing and to drink from? Or do the cups have to be kosher? Answer: There's no problem with using any cup for wash...
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