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Mumbai Terror Attack (2008)

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Tragedy in Mumbai
I assumed that once my son would hear of the terrible murders, he would be filled with questions and doubt. And, my young but intelligent son did have questions. Many questions. And sad questions.
The Anguish of Unanswered Questions
A Crown Heights resident was killed in cold blood by an assailant. And the Rebbe spoke. He was trembling, even his lectern was shaking...
Tragedy in Mumbai
We are left with questions--heavy, unbearable and haunting questions. But if we succumb to doubt, pain and immobility, we give greater power to the evil around us...
An event that would have normally elicited from me a sigh and a few moments of thought is now consuming me. It's not "numbers" of casualties; it's real people with real faces...
This has been the story of our history ever since. They think they can squash us. They think we are weak. They never succeeded. They never will.
Artist’s Statement: Shalom! I made this drawing during the week of Chanukah, the week of light in which we celebrate the victory of Torah values over the forces of evil. Even if things look difficult we light our candles, and the light grows with one cand...
Artist’s Statement: This painting was an expression of releasing grief over the murder of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg in Mumbai. Mostly my paintings are of the wonders, joy and wonders of life. But life isn’t always understandable. There are times ...
"If you want to make it with people," Prager said, "don't talk to them about their work or politics. Speak about their hobbies and their families."
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