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Mumbai Terror Attack (2008)

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I know that there are religions in which it's a great thing to die for your faith, and doing so makes you a saint or gets you a ticket to paradise. What is the Jewish view? Is a person supposed to die for his beliefs?
or are we supposed to simply accept that everything He send our way is for the good
Question: When I see the obituaries on the website, all are of the Jewish victims. I value our sense of responsibility for our fellow Jews and internal cohesion in difficult times and I think this is one of the reasons enabling our peoples' existence. Yet...
Shalom Rabbi, The cold-blooded murder of the rabbi and his wife in Mumbai is a disgrace. As a Muslim, I am ashamed of such actions done by ignorant idiots in the name of Islam. I challenge any and all of them to show evidence from the Quran or the Prophet...
Question: I am writing to your organization to express my thoughts and feelings about the recent attacks that took place in Mumbai. I am not a Jewish person, I have never even been to a synagogue. I feel it is terrible that this rabbi and his wife were mu...
If hundreds of thousands of Jews were praying for them, and Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka were doing G‑d's work, why take them and hurt their child? I Don't get it
I was praying for Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg and all the other Jewish people in Mumbai asking for G‑d to help them. Why didn't He listen to me and the many others who prayed to him and asked for their lives to be saved?
A response to the question "why?"
Once you are at war, you don’t stop to ponder all over again. Now you are out there on the field of battle, there is no turning back....
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