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Balance; Equilibrium

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We can handle a lot, even a lot of criticism, but once you involve our children, watch out. Now you are dealing with Mama Bear...
Sadly, we are influenced by a society that eats not when it’s hungry, but when it’s bored. We are distracted by access, and it’s disheartening, because we are so much more than that...
I never imagined that such a reductive view of my life’s stuff could so aptly tell the story of us, but in many ways it does . . .
Personal well-being enhances public service. How does one strike that balance?
Sefirat HaOmer, Part III
If you’re in an argument, you need something or someone higher to effect healing and resolution. It doesn’t matter whether that thing is a loftier internal consciousness or a person outside of you. What matters is that the healing insight is coming from a...
Lessons from a Wii Game
Ironically, the hardest shots to block on WiiFit soccer are the ones that come at you dead center. Indeed, finding my center is the challenge. It's relatively easy to live within any narrowly-defined culture. Yes, it's restraining, but the parameters of m...
When you feel pulled in so many different directions, by all your many responsibilties, how do you find balance?
Two animated stick men trying to maintain balance on a seesaw-like floor. Can you relate to this scene?
There is no cheering. No crowds. No clapping from far down below.
I learned that if a child wants something and we can’t let them have it, we can’t be vague about it, because with children there are no gray areas. Unless it’s absolutely forbidden, it’s permitted....
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