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Conception & Pregnancy

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Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
The moment of conception is powerful. How parents’ thoughts and actions can affect the “garments” of their child’s soul.
This lecture surveys some of the laws and customs for conception, pregnancy, birth and baby naming.
Parshat Tazria
Laws and customs pertaining to pregnancy, labor, birth, and the new mother.
The technician smeared some of the gooey gel and started moving the probe around my stomach. I waited for the usual comments of "Oh, look! There's a hand and there's a leg and there's another hand!" But the technician was silent...
How do I close this unlocked chamber of longing? These days are swollen with unspoken meaning.
While not all loss can be medically explained, quite often, with the proper medical treatment and diagnosis, many pregnancy losses can be prevented...
Chana Question: Is there a moment when a mother says "no more kids"? I keep thinking of having another child and I'm getting on in age. Answer: I think your attitude is so refreshing. It reflects your love for children and your realization that children a...
Marriage comes with privileges -- and responsibilities. Learn about the Jewish responsibilities of the married individual.
It is painful, exciting, scary, unbelievable. There is no turning back. We were created to create, and it is time...
The curled and folded shape of the fetus is garishly out of sync with the upright posture of the human being. The obvious explanation is the limited space afforded by the womb. A deeper explanation is offered in Chassidism
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