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Aging & Retirement

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Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 8
“And the years of Sarah were one hundred and twenty and seven.” What is it about youth that makes us yearn to be young again?
I have been asked: “Now that you’ve reached 70 years isn’t it time to slow down and enjoy some rest? The number of one’s years is irrelevant; the real question is: were those years utilized to the fullest? Every honest person knows he could have accomplis...
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Critique of Retirement
Torah perspectives on aging and retirement
What is the Torah's perspective to old age and retirement? Learn the Torah's secrets to not becoming old.
A fresh perspective on aging and retirement
Can we get older and still be lovable? The Rebbe’s perspective on aging, and tips on how to age gracefully, positively and successfully.
A 1982 Satellite Feed of a Gathering with the Rebbe, of righteous memory
An hour-long excerpt from a 1982 satellite broadcast of the Rebbe’s pre-Passover gathering on the occasion of his 80th birthday (11 Nissan, 5742).
On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, the Rebbe gives spirited advice to those approaching the age of retirement.
At an age when most people retire, the Rebbe initiated an unprecedented expansion of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, and called for seventy new institutions to open their doors. Here the Rebbe shares his thoughts on putting one’s golden years to use.
“I don’t believe in retirement…strength comes from G-d Almighty." (Collage)
How we look at age and aging
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