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My old high-school friend Jillian had posted that she was reading a particular book, and I commented that it was not a favorite of mine. I closed the page, went back to work and thought nothing more of it, and I probably wouldn’t have, until the phone ran...
Facebook Revisited
Not that Facebook and social networking isn’t the “rage” right now—it is. And to say that it is all bad is also not true. It has many redeeming qualities, of which I myself, and our Chabad Center, take great advantage. However, it is simply amazing that s...
Leave a message in my inbox, send me a virtual holiday card, graffiti my wall. Flip through my photo albums for your entertainment and, should you still feel bored, my journal is available for midday reading. We seem to wear our persona on our screens, le...
I imagine it might be kind of embarrassing to admit that you've bought your Facebook friends. "How do you know all these people from the Czech republic? Can you really read their status updates?"
I've just signed on to Facebook. Immediately, I clicked on the "my friends" tab and sure enough the computer informed that that "You have no friends." I was devastated
Social media enables each of us to become an online publisher, influencing what others read, think about and discuss.
Recognition hunger, like many worldly desires and addictions, can never be satisfied.
It’s time to finally wish Facebook “mazel tov!” Not on an announcement at their F8 developers' conference yesterday, but on something decidedly more celebratory: the words “mazel tov” themselves. Keen Facebook users may have noticed that for the past year...
A Chabad-Lubavitch emissary brings Silicon Valley Jews together
App developers gathered in San Francisco recently for Facebook’s annual F8 conference. Culled from the technology and digital media elite, they came to explore the latest announcements from the tech giant. When Seth Rosenberg, product manager for Facebook...
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