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Bar & Bat Mitzvah

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Entering Adulthood
What is the deeper significance behind the Jewish adolescent rite of passage? Insights . . . Resources and tools . . . Special milestones.
Coming of Age
A child is a child. Perhaps bright and knowledgeable—yet still lacking the maturity that distinguishes the adult from the child. Around the age of 12 for a girl, 13 for a boy, that sense begins to kick in.
How can a 12 or 13 year old be considered an adult? What suddenly happens at age 12/13?
Wondering what day you are going to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Use our Bar/Bat Mitzvah date finder to work it out.
Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
How to make your child's bar or bat mitzvah lasting, enduring and spiritually-charged.
The seventh grade classes from two Israeli public middle schools held a joint celebration of their 600 members’ bar and bat mitzvahs at the country’s historic fortress of Masada. Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries from the students’ hometown of Ramat Hasharon ar...
Sometimes I wonder at the puny specimens passing themselves off as Bar Mitzvah boys. How, by any stretch of the imagination, can they be described as having reached adulthood?
Unlike the common misconception that a bar or bat mitzvah signifies an end, or the graduation upon the successful completion of a bar or bat mitzvah lesson regimen, in truth it symbolizes a new beginning...
Question: My son is turning thirteen in January of next year. My daughter will become twelve two months later. We would like to have a joint celebration for their bar and bat mitzvah. Can either my son’s bar mitzvah be delayed, or can my daughter’s bat mi...
May G-d grant success to all the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. On one’s birthday, one is born anew; may it be with new Mazel in Torah, Mitzvos and all areas of your lives. Every Bar and Bat Mitzvah resolves to constantly grow especially in the commandment to “Lov...
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