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Upsherin: (Yiddish, lit. "to cut off"); traditional first haircut of a little boy when he turns three
A Boy’s First Haircut
An Upsherin is the traditional “first haircut” ceremony held on a boy’s third birthday. This ceremony marks the start of the child’s formal education, and is highlighted by leaving the child’s payot, and his starting to wear a kippah and tzitzit.
The first haircut and entering adulthood
What is an upsherin, and what’s the message behind this ceremonious haircut? What transformation occurs at a bar or bat mitzvah, and how can we tap into this new energy?
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Tazria
In the verse Leviticus 13:33, the word "v'hitgalach" meaning "he shall shave" has a large-sized letter gimmel. The letter gimmel is numerically equivalent to the number 3. What is the connection between the number three, Biblical leprosy, removing hair, a...
5747-5750, 1987-1990
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