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Hakhel Year

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Hakhel Year: (lit. "Assemble!") The year following the Sabbatical year, at the beginning of which all Jews would gather in the Temple to hear the king read selections from Deuteronomy.
Every seven years – following the shemitah year – is a hakhel year; marked in Temple times by the king reading the Torah before all on Sukkot. Discover its significance and relevance today.
Lyrics: Chorus: (HEBREW) Hakhel Es Ha'am. Unite the nation. HEBREW) Hakhel Es Ha'am. Unite the world. Reach across the cities Hands across the seas Heart beats together It's the sound of unity We're linked in a chain to change the world. When you feel the...
Lyrics: They packed their bags Took some stuff And got on horse and wagons Going to the Beis Hamikdash In Yerushalayim And there they saw The king stand Up on a wooden stage As from the Torah he read And this is what he said Listen folks what’s written he...
As we approach Yom Kippur we need to let go of our baggage, those grudges we hold onto. Sometimes we feel like it’s too hard, the pain is too deep… But this year we are given a gift, a special tool called Hakhel, the year of Jewish unity. So when you step...
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