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Pidyon HaBen

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Pidyon HaBen: Redemption of the (firstborn) son. The ceremony wherein a firstborn male born to Israelite (non Kohen or Levite) parents is redeemed from a Kohen, in exchange for 5 silver coins, 30 days after his birth.
The Mitzvah of Pidyon HaBen
After thirty complete days, we redeem the firstborn son through giving five silver coins to the Kohen in the boy’s stead. Understanding the mitzvah of Pidyon HeBen on five levels.
Practical Parshah - Vayeishev
Rachel's firstborn son, Joseph, being sold into slavery as a source for the mitzvah of monetarily redeeming the firstborn son of a Jewish woman.
The "Pidyon Haben"
The mitzvah of pidyon haben is to redeem the firstborn son by giving a Kohen five silver shekels when the boy becomes a month old.
The mitzvah of circumcision and redeeming the firstborn son
Why is a male child circumcised at eight days? Why isn’t a female circumcised? What is a Pidyon Haben celebration, and why do we do it?
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