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Brit Milah; Circumcision

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Brit Milah; Circumcision: (lit. "covenant of circumcision"); the ritual circumcision of a Jewish boy, generally at eight days old
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Birth, coming of age, marriage, death … Judaism has celebrations and rituals associated with every major juncture in life.
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Escorting the baby to his circumcision
Who are the parents’ messengers? Why do we use messengers? What do they do?
Who performs the circumcision? How does he prepare?
The steps taken in order for the circumcision to go smoothly, and be as painless as possible
How Important is Time? The time for the mitzvah of circumcision is the eighth day after birth, as it is written:Vayikra 12:3. "On the eighth day, you shall circumcise the flesh of his foreskin." If a child is not circumcised on the eighth day, the act may...
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