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Brit Milah; Circumcision

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Brit Milah; Circumcision: (lit. "covenant of circumcision"); the ritual circumcision of a Jewish boy, generally at eight days old
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If activists have their way in municipal elections this November, circumcision of a boy under the age of 18 years of age for religious reasons would be classified as a misdemeanor and punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
The International Bris Association aims to connect Jews to the essential expression of their identity, regardless of geographical, financial or knowledge-based restrictions.
Brit milah ceremony provides continuity and calm amid the chaos of war
A brit milah (circumcision) is always a cause for celebration, but when a young Jewish boy was brought into the Covenant of Abraham in Chabad-Lubavitch of Poland’s bustling Warsaw center earlier this month, there was a particularly poignant feeling in the...
Baruch and Levi Yitzchak enter the Covenant of Abraham
Even in the most difficult times, the Jewish people have always found reason to celebrate. In Berlin, there is a large contingent of refugees from Odessa, the staff and 120 children of the Mishpacha orphanage, along with an additional 140 women and childr...
The timing of the brit milah was no coincidence, says the family
Rachele Kilgore, a new mother in Chapel Hill, N.C., called a local rabbi, Rabbi Zalman Bluming—co-director with his wife, Yehudis, of Chabad at Duke University serving Durham Chapel Hill —to schedule a brit milah (“circumcision”) for her newborn son. It w...
‘This is just the beginning for me,’ says 38-year-old actor Jake Renner
Jake Renner was feeling depressed. An actor and part-time Uber driver, he hadn’t picked up passengers for a year-and-a-half. On a sunny September morning in Los Angeles, Renner decided that it was time to get his life back together. He’d recently quit dri...
The first infant in four generations to be circumcised at eight days
This picture says a lot more than meets the eye. Two years ago, I wrote an article about Jewish men originally from the USSR undergoing circumcision and receiving Jewish names, reclaiming an important element of their Jewish heritage and identity. The sto...
Organization has enabled thousands born in Soviet Union to enter the Covenant of Abraham
Standing in the sun-drenched sanctuary, large windows showing manicured lawns framed by verdant shrubbery, we could just feel that something special was happening. In the floor above us, a circumcision was taking place. After nearly 60 years of life, Ilya...
Jewish community faces ongoing hurdles to maintain a central tradition
The latest public campaign to ban circumcision in Denmark fell apart earlier this month after the nation’s ruling party stated its qualified opposition to the measure. Yet, Jews in Denmark—as well as in many other nations in Europe and around the world—ar...
Proposed legislation would have mandated jail sentences of up to six years
A bill that would have banned circumcisions in Iceland and made it a criminal offense for parents and ritual circumcisers (mohels) to permit and perform circumcisions has been tabled by the nation’s parliament. The bill, which had passed a preliminary vot...
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