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A doula and teacher who valiantly fought an auto-immune disease
In the book of Exodus, we are first introduced to the prophetess Miriam, sister of Moses. There, the Torah—referring to her and her mother as Shifrah and Puah—tells us of their self-sacrifice to defy Pharaoh’s decree to murder all Jewish newborn boys. Ins...
At least 26,000 additional mitzvahs to be done before his 48th birthday
There’s no doubt that Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz is charismatic, and his international fan club seems to be growing by the year. All this despite the fact that he has not uttered a word since the fall of 2013. It’s been seven years since Hurwitz was diagnosed wi...
Worldwide tefillin campaign to help Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz celebrate
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz is about to turn 46. As a little boy in Brooklyn, N.Y., he loved dancing, singing and making people laugh. As a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Temecula, Calif., he used those gifts to teach and inspire others, as he and his wife, Dina, b...
60 congregants put on tefillin in honor of their newly 60-year-old rabbi
When Rabbi Yossie Shemtov turned 60 earlier this month, community members didn’t give him a tie or a gift certificate. Instead, nearly 60 men surprised him on his Hebrew birthday, each one wearing tefillin. It all began when the synagogue president, Jerem...
A new platform makes the world smaller and warmer for a group of children
Social media has revolutionized the idea of a birthday greeting; instead of a card in the mail, users receive a remarkable number of online well-wishes. It can be called a “global celebration,” but how truly meaningful is it? What if you tweaked the techn...
Not every boy can count dozens of senior citizens as his adoptive “grandparents,” but then again, Yossele Hecht is no ordinary boy.
With more than 100 in attendance, an emissaries’ conference in Atlanta highlights the growing popularity of regional conventions to strengthen rabbis’ missions.
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