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Kabbala Toons: Episode XVII
You are not your spacesuit
According to Jewish custom, the Shir Lama’alot psalm is posted beside a newborn baby’s crib. This was commonplace when Jewish women gave birth in the atmosphere of their own homes. Nowadays, when most children are born in hospitals, it is vital to encoura...
The Talmud says that each new Jewish home, hastens Moshiach's arrival, and that the birth of every Jewish child hastens his coming (Collage).
Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
The moment of conception is powerful. How parents’ thoughts and actions can affect the “garments” of their child’s soul.
This three-part series examines in great depth the Torah sources related to the questions on celebrating a Jewish birthday.
If things were so comfy in the womb, what are you celebrating?
What is the precedent for celebrating a birthday in Torah? Learn its significance on five levels of understanding.
Observing Birthdays: A Torah Tradition or Pagan Aberration?
This in-depth excavation digs deeply into scripture and Talmudic teachings about the observance of birthdays by both royals and regulars alike. Should ancient associations of birthdays and idolatrous rites disqualify us from marking the anniversary of our...
Life’s journeys through the lens of kabbalah
A birthday can either be the day YOU were born, or the day G-d created you. Here's how to use the special energy of your birthday to accomplish great things.
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