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Life Cycles

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Count the Stars, Takes Hagar as Wife, The Covenant, Abraham’s Guests
The Rebbe, sadly, never had any children. Yet they were so important to him. To the Rebbe, children were important not just for what they would become, but also for what they are in the present tense. He ascribed to their prayers and their good deeds trem...
The festive gathering on the Friday night following the birth and the custom that the father is called up to the Torah.
1. The Reasons for Kaddish AFrom the unauthenticated notes later made by one of those present when the sichah was delivered after Minchah on 9 Teves, 5711 [1950], the date marking the conclusion of the eleven-month recital of Kaddish after the histalkus o...
Reflection on Reaching the Age of Sixty
A talk delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe at a public gathering celebrating his sixtieth birthday. These talks explain the special significance of this age in a person's life.
A Milestone in a Child's Education
The age of three marks a turning point. Until this age, the child was a baby to whom everything was given. From this time onward, he is considered as a developing youngster who responds and takes an active role in his process of education.
How proper PARENTING can create a happy home
The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Response to Loss and Tragedy
Current today as when originally provided, this volume is a collection of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's counsel to the bereaved. Whether responding to a widow struggling to explain her husband's death to her children, or to a community whose school was the targ...
Birth, coming of age, marriage, death … Judaism has celebrations and rituals associated with every major juncture in life.
Chayei Sarah
What is it about youth that makes us yearn to be young again?
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