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Life Cycles

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“You love all your children just as much as you love me . . . so that can’t be possible. But I only have one mommy. And I love no one just as much,” I reasoned...
Coming to Terms with Getting Older
Aging is happening even as I type these words. I am ever so slowly, and sometimes more quickly, evolving into the “older” generation. These words, in print, sicken me. I am sixteen on the inside of my brain, but the rest of my body is screaming otherwise!
He ignored my heartfelt cries, the Psalms that I recited, the prayers and the bargaining. He did it His way, and in the process my heart was shattered . . .
Now that the decks are clearer and the obstacles fewer, do we have the self confidence and courage to move forward and concretize those aspirations? Do we have the guts to zero in on the objectives and work toward their achievement?
Do I look older? Do I look old? I don’t feel old, but I’m actually not sure what old feels like . . .
A unique opportunity to honor the deceased
Physical life is transient and temporary. If one can take the material and elevate it—to any degree—is that not a privilege? Surely, this endeavor I speak of is a meaningful way of remembering the spiritual qualities of Ruthie—her goodness, her modesty, h...
Dealing with the Loss of My Premature Baby
Before this happened, I had never met anyone who had given birth to a premature baby or experienced the death of a child. It had certainly never occurred to me that this type of thing could happen to me...
Dad, he thought, your time is coming, and I can't get out of this straight-jacket you put me in. There are words that are locked in my heart and will not form on my lips. Fifty years and we're still strangers...
I took my dreams of planting patches of beauty, of roaming, and of beauty and wrapped them up carefully in crinkly tissue. Then I put them in a place where the light of hope and striving for a dream never reach...
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