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Life Cycles

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I will walk with you through many doors. Though your pace is slower, I will take smaller steps, For your dignity is as vital as the air we breathe...
Tears speak What words can’t say Death tears one’s heart Death tears one’s life
This one night/ Allow my fantasy/ That death/ I will not see
She is sleeping but Not too many, feed Her spoons of mashed Food and vitamins Bring her close for warmth...
"Will you be with me forever, Grandma?" she whispered, her breath was hot on my face, my hands clammed up, tears streaming down my wrinkles,
Deep down, I know it will be okay. I will be fine. Yet there is still that separation anxiety. A funny thing. Not rational....
How do I close this unlocked chamber of longing? These days are swollen with unspoken meaning.
If you went through the same story Whoever you may be There´s still someone out there Who´ll give you the right key
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