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Life Cycles

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Sometimes I wonder at the puny specimens passing themselves off as Bar Mitzvah boys. How, by any stretch of the imagination, can they be described as having reached adulthood?
Throughout history, Jews were called on to value children. Our entire value system is built on it.
A deed that reaches backward and forward in time to embrace all that enables it and all that results from it, to include them all in an encounter with G-d...
It’s the first dialogue there is between a father and his son in the Torah. It starts like this: Isaac to Abraham: “My father?” Abraham to Isaac: “Here I am, my son.”
For the haftarah of Vayeira, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah for Vayeira tells us of two stories of miracles from our prophet Elisha.
Why did God need to “test” Abraham, given that He knows the human heart better than we know it ourselves?
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