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A Couple's Heartwrenching Struggle
I see her beautiful and content... but she says it's no more than her facade. There on that ground, soaked through with tears of joy and despair, she adds her own
“I have a friend called Sarah,” said the woman on the other end of the line. “She’s pregnant and says she can’t afford another child, so she decided to have an abortion . . .”
Most of us would love to keep up our facade that we have everything together. But my experience is that no honest person does.
We will start off with the question of non-kosher ingredients and work our way to vaccine made with fetal tissue.
Rabbi Steinsaltz states that suicide is not any more permissible than is murder. Tangentially, he argues that even if one were to disregard the question of whether a fetus possesses independent life, the fetus is considered a biological part of its mother...
A sample of the hundreds of questions our team receives on a daily basis...
A detailed halachic analysis of the sensitive issue of abortion and its ramifications.
“May G-d bless you to continue to convince women not to opt for abortion. Every child that is added to the Jewish people is a big help for Jews everywhere, even in Israel.”
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