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Lieberman, Joseph

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Commemorating the Rebbe’s 15th Yahrtzeit
An address by Senator Joe Lieberman at an evening commemorating the Lubavitcher Rebbes’s fifteenth yahrtzeit—anniversary of passing (June 29, 2009 - Philadelphia, PA).
26 Elul, 5750 · September 16, 1990
Senator Joseph Lieberman visits the Rebbe: There are so many changes happening in the Middle East - and so soon - that it is very difficult to make predictions. Decide each day's policies according to the developments of that day, even if newer developmen...
24 Tevet, 5749• January 1, 1989
May your son be a source of pride for the Jewish People as a US Senator in Washington. If he has been a wonderful son until now, he can surely become even more wonderful in the future.
Warm remarks by Joe Lieberman in honor of the Rebbe’s yarhtzeit. This talk is from the virtual event “Transform and Transcend” by Merkos 302.
Joe Lieberman at Chabad of Michigan
At a tribute in honor of the Rebbe’s 20th Yahrtzeit at Chabad of Michigan, Senator Joe Lieberman shares his inspiration from the Rebbe and Chabad.
Can you be a Senator and keep Shabbat?
Joe Lieberman was a United States senator who reached extraordinary political achievement, yet once a week everything stopped.
Excerpt from a Session of the U.S. Senate
Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut) introduces his friend, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, at a session of the U.S. Senate.
Part I
Reflections on the Rebbe by U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman
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