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Judah the Prince, Rabbi

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Judah the Prince, Rabbi: (Circa 135-219 CE) Known as Rabbenu Hakadosh ("our holy master") or simply as "Rabbi." One of the last Mishnaic sages, he recorded, edited, and organized statements of earlier sages, forming the Mishnah, setting the Oral Law in writing for the first time. He was phenomenally wealthy and was a close friend of the Roman Emperor Antoninus.
Yehudah HaNasi
I. Rabbi Judah was the son of Rabbi Simeon ben Gamliel and was elected "Prince" (Nassi) after the death of his father. He was born on the very day that Rabbi Akiba died in the hands of the Romans. In the Mishnah, Rabbi Judah the Prince (Yehudah HaNasi) is...
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