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Revisiting the nature of consciousness in light of the Rebbe’s teachings (in preparation to the anniversary of passing).
What’s a conscious being like me doing in a cold universe like this?
It is the height of human audacity to assume that we are fantastic instances of consciousness that have somehow emerged out of a dumb universe—much like the teenager who can’t understand how such a bright guy like me came from parents who have no brains.
We pride ourselves on the extent to which we "plan" our lives. But every so often, we are confronted with something that is neither of our making nor in our control...
So often, we know that we shouldn't act a certain way; and then we go do it anyway. Maybe it's eating french fries after the doctor warned against it; maybe it's disrespecting a valued relationship.
Noah sought to rebuild the world based on a new paradigm. He conceived of a more wholesome ideal—freedom from self-consciousness. With the best of intentions, Noah chose intoxication as his means . . .
When I reflect on myself and my role in the world, the word 'merchant' doesn't come to mind. But in a way, life itself is about 'Divine Commerce.'
From the serene perfection of the Garden, they had been plunged into the fearful reality of galut (exile) – a world where something was terribly wrong...
The Knowing I
Why do we become a bar mitzvah at adolescence? Because something dramatic happens to our minds at this time: A sort of awakening, a consciousness, a realization that "I exist"
I said yes immediately, afraid that if I thought about it first, I would lose the courage. The idea of sharing an entire night with someone straddling two worlds seemed awesome to me.
In this swamp of confusion, darkness becomes evil, for it entraps the light. When we tug to fissure their bond, an iron resistance opposes us. In the final release, a burst of energy shakes the cosmos....
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