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Child Custody

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Solomonic Wisdom... The Decision... Remove Ego... Beyond Rights... The Primary Concern... Impact on Children... Joint Custody... Jewish Perspective... Crucial Matter... General Rule... Psychological Considerations... Different Circumstances... The Child's...
My husband and I are divorcing. We have three young children and despite my own pain, I'm most concerned with how my children will respond to this upheaval. How do we break the news to the kids, and what should we tell them?
I not only listened to his reality, I heard it. This time I held his hand, and openly cried. And in the hearing, in that recognition, love also grew...
Three Jewish Children Trapped in Gaza
Galit fled Gaza two years ago after having been trapped there by her husband, Rami Mahmoud Kadera. Rami was recently killed in Operation Cast Lead but Rami's family is refusing to return her children to her.
Divorce often brings out the worst in two people that at one time may have felt deep feelings of love for one another. It's only human nature to want to find some outlet for those feelings of loss, disappointment, regret, or even failure that generally ac...
Since we’re in the same boat, let me suggest some tips that I found helpful . . .
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