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Elad Nehorai

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Elad Nehorai is an alumnus of Arizona State University and Mayanot yeshiva. You can find Elad wandering around America, gallivanting around Israel, or getting lost in the clouds. His favorite things to do include reading, writing and conversing with G-d.
Using his skills as a carpenter, Johan worked in Honduras and Ethiopia doing emergency work, rebuilding houses after wars and disasters. Then Johan went from creating spiritual "Arks" throughout the world to deciding on building a real Ark. An Ark to teac...
"Everyone has their mission. No one's mission is more important than the other," states Tamir Goodman. Tamir has found his through his life-long dream: basketball.
A Spiritual Journey Toward Our Very Essence
About this Blog People travel around the world searching for it. They starve themselves for it. They scream, they cry and they beg for it. “It” is that little thing called meaning. Truth. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just bang two rocks together and fi...
Meet Zach, Uri and Yitzchak: Three Roads to One Destination
The students come here and find a spirituality they never knew existed. A relationship with G-d they never knew they could have.
Rappers Who Found their Soul through their Music
People get to wake up to music that tells them, "It's a beautiful world; open up your eyes, see the sun shining. There's a real reason why you're born.You have a mission. And your mission is sacred."
One Year Later--Anniversary of the Mercaz Harav Shooting
Suddenly we became aware of the fact that the souls of these boys were here with us, as we danced with the Torahs dedicated to their memories. The room was electric with their presence.
Las Vegas Undercover Officer Fights For His Religious Rights
Steve Riback found himself pursuing a job as a policeman in Las Vegas. He wanted to be a warrior for good. Little did Steve know how much of a warrior G‑d wanted him to be.
Former Gush Katif family tells their story of unshakable faith and determination
"We decided that the answer to the disengagement was to engage. To connect. To connect to the people of Israel. To bring the soul of Gush Katif to the world."
He was a nerd. And, like most of us nerds out there, he was practically crawling out of his skin. He was trying to figure out life.
We were coming to wrap tefillin on the soldiers and hand out the letters the wonderful readers of Chabad.org had sent. But would the soldiers care? Would they have time to worry about G‑d or letters?
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