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Akiba ben Joseph

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Akiba ben Joseph: (c. 50-c.135 CE) Among the greatest of the Mishnaic sages. Unless otherwise stated, all Mishnayos are presumed to be in accordance with the Rabbi Akiva's view. He was the son of converts, and an unlearned shepherd. At the age of 40, at the insistence of his wife, he began studying Torah, under Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, Joshua ben Hananiah, and Nahum Ish Gamzu ultimately attracting 24,000 students including Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai, Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Judah ben Ilai. He supported Bar Kochba's revolt. He was imprisoned and savagely murdered by the Romans for teaching Torah (he is one of the Ten Martyrs).
Rabbi Akiva was a shepherd-turned-sage who flourished during the era of the destruction of the Second Temple. Encouraged by his wife, Rachel, and famous for teaching that “love your fellow as yourself” is the cardinal rule of the Torah, he left an indelib...
"והוציאו את רבי עקיבא... וסרקו בשרו במסרקות פיפיות" “They brought out Rabbi Akiva... and lacerated his body with sharp pointed iron combs.” QUESTION: The martyring of the ten Sages was done by the Romans as a punishment for the brothers kidnapping and sel...
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Five, Section 4
Things that were not revealed to Moses were revealed to Rabbi Akiva.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Four, Section 4
When he married Rabbi Akiva’s daughter, he created an eternal bond with him.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Twenty-Eight, Section 2
Akiva is spelled with the same letters as Ya'akov, for he came from him.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
What does it mean to see the Land of Israel "through the eyes of a Rabbi Akiva?"
Part 7
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What do we really celebrate on Lag BaOmer and what does the Rebbe say about it. The story of Lag BaOmer—in depth.
Turnus Rufus asked Rabbi Akiva: “If your G-d loves the poor, why doesn’t He feed them?”
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