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Gad and Reuben's Request to Receive Lands East of the Jordan

Knowledge Base » People & Events » History » Biblical Events » Five Books of Moses (Biblical Events) » Division of Israel » Gad and Reuben's Request to Receive Lands East of the Jordan
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How to Study Torah - Matot
Just before entering the Promised Land, two and a half of the Twelve Tribes ask for special permission to settle on the other side of the Jordan River. If they were meant to settle in that place, then why didn't G-d assign it to them to begin with? And if...
End of Maamer: Reuvain and Gad’s Connection with Transjordan
As pointed out previously, Reuvain and Gad are Ovdei Elokim, whose service is the active refinement of the physical world. Therefore, they specifically chose to possess land that does not share the high level of innate holiness of Eretz Yisroel proper, bu...
Beginning of the Maamer ומקנה רב
In explaining the distinction between the Avodah of Yaakov and that of Yisroel, the Rebbe indicates that the Avodah of Yisroel is the service of a Ben (son), whereas that of Yaakov is the service of an Eved (servant). Because the relation between a son an...
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the tribe of Gad fighting on the frontlines
Rashi illustrates how Moses’ strategy to send the tribes of Gad and Reuven to lead the charge in the conquest of Israel teaches how to effectively overcome your enemies.
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