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Simeon ben Yohai, Rabbi

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Simeon ben Yohai, Rabbi: (c. 100-160 CE) Mishnaic sage and mystic, student of Rabbi Akiba. When he evoked the wrath of the Roman authorities, he, together with his son Eleazar, hid in a cave for thirteen years, where their needs were miraculously provided for. He authored the Zohar, the most fundamental kabbalistic work. The anniversary of his passing, the 18th of Iyar, known as Lag BaOmer, is celebrated every year, as per his request.
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (commonly referred to as Rashbi) was a celebrated sage of the Mishnah and author of the great Kabbalistic work, the Zohar. His life and teachings are celebrated every year on Lag BaOmer, the anniversary of his passing.... Read More
Suddenly they heard a heavenly voice saying, “Have you come to destroy My world? Go back to your cave!”
The interplay of Halacha and Kabbalah in the thought of Rabbi Shimon
An exploration of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's halachik approach and how it mirrors his mystical outlook. Examples from the laws of Muktzah and intention in regards to work on Shabbos. Also exploring Aggadic passages of the Talmud about Rabbi Shimon.
Do you ever think to yourself: What in the world is wrong with people? Aren’t they getting what I’m getting? Aren’t they feeling what I’m feeling?
If you want to say that the Egyptians gave them fish for free, has scripture not already stated, “You will not be given straw?” Now, if straw was not given for free, would they have given them fish for free?
Beneath all those longings and fears, beneath even the anticipation of honeyed blessings, lies—I sense—a deeper waiting . . .
A lesson from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
I resent them for having this conversation while I am in the room. I cannot share their interest in fabrics and sizes and prices. I have come here to swim to encourage the pain to move through me . . .
Part 7
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Technically, you can gnaw on raw carob pods, but it’s hard work and not the most pleasant experience.
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