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Twelve Tribal Leaders

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Twelve Tribal Leaders: The leaders of the twelve tribes during the Israelites' travel through the desert. They served both as governors of their respective tribes and as "senators," performing communal functions.
Someone appointed by a group must decide policy from the perspective of the group as a whole. The leader with the Divine mandate can thus be most responsive to the individualized needs of his flock.
English and Hebrew Text of the “Daily Nasi”
First of Nissan And it was on the day that Moses finished setting up the Tabernacle, and had anointed it and sanctified it and all its vessels, and the altar and all its vessels, and had anointed them and sanctified them—that the princes of Israel, the he...
Sure, we can erect a structure. That's the easy part. The question is: will G-d see fit to live there?
In this process of counting there is an interesting feature: G-d tells Moses to count the people as individuals and also by their families, within their tribes...
If the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel each brought the same gift in honor of the Tabernacle’s inauguration, why does the Torah repeat the 35-item list twelve times, making Naso the longest Parshah in the Torah? There is a lesson here, says the Lubavit...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 16, Vayakhel
Why the leaders of the Tribes delayed donating to the Mishkan. A fundamental lesson in leadership.
Moshe spoke to theChildren of Israel's tribal heads, saying: This is what G‑d has commanded... Classic Questions Was this passage said only to the tribal heads? (v. 2) Rashi: [Moshe] honored the leaders by teaching them first, and only later the res...
Why is it written twice that Nesanel “brought his offering” in verses 18 and 19?
What is the rationale behind the first tribal sequence?
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