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Daily "Tamid" Offering

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"ואתה תצוה את בני ישראל" “And you shall command the Children of Israel.” (27:20) QUESTION: Why is the name of Moshe not mentioned in Parshat Tetzaveh? ANSWER: Moshe died on the seventh day of Adar, which usually occurs during the week when Parshat Tetzave...
Our day is comprised of a mesh of constants and variables. Getting out of bed every day: a constant. What time we get up: a variable. But isn’t change preferable over the predictable? Can we all agree with the teenage motto, “Normal is boring”?
We don't understand those people who "stop and smell the flowers" and extol the simple pleasures of life. Some of us wouldn't recognize a "simple pleasure" if it jumped up and bit us.
423 BCE
The daily sacrificial offerings (Korban Tamid) in the Holy Temple were discontinued, three weeks before the Babylonians' destruction of the First Temple in 423 BCE.
In the Torah portion of Pikudei, we find G-d commanding Moshe to erect the Mishkan and place its vessels inside.Shmos 40:1ff. In conjunction with this command, G-d also told him to perform various services: In association with “You shall bring in the Tabl...
The Eternal Relevance of the Beis HaMikdash The Book of Vayikra concerns itself primarily with the sacrificial offeringsSee the Ramban’ s preface to the Book of Vayikra. which were one of the central services carried out in both the Sanctuary and the Beis...
The Daily Offering
Numbers 28:3 "Two [lambs] each day for a continuous burnt offering" We are commanded to sacrifice two sheep every day; one in the morning and one in the evening. They are offered for the entire Jewish people. This is the daily expression of the Jewish peo...
12 Tammuz, 5744 • July 12, 1984
In the Holy Temple, a Korban Olah, a Burnt sacrifice, was offered up twice daily, in the morning and at dusk. Our Sages teach that while we are in exile, “the prayers were established in place of the daily offerings.” ‘Korban,’ offering, shares the same H...
One verse in the Torah that defines the essence of it all
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