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Purim: (lit. "lots"), the holiday that commemorates the Jews' salvation from Haman's plot to annihilate them.
Do I have to get drunk on Purim?
I’m going to sound like a nerd, but I’m not. Do I have to drink on Purim?
Why is this seemingly trivial detail of Haman's plot magnified to the extent that the holiday is named after it? And why is the holiday given a name drawn from the Persian language?
Why do we give a haf-shekel to charity, and why is it done on Taanit Esther?
"המן הרע הזה" “This wicked Haman” (7:6) QUESTION: In the Haggadah of Pesach we are told that the way to deal with a rasha is to knock out his teeth. There is no doubt that Haman was a rasha, so why didn’t Mordechai knock out Haman’s teeth? ANSWER: Accordi...
תענית אסתר 13th of Adar — Fast of Esther QUESTION: Why is the fast on the day before Purim called “Ta’anit Esther” — “the Fast of Esther”? (The three-day fast which Mordechai proclaimed upon Esther’s request took place during Pesach, see Megillah 15a.) AN...
Why must the mishloach manot comprise of two foods, each with a separate blessing, like a cluster of grapes and a cookie? Why can't I just send two items with the same blessing?
This is a story about G‑d miraculously saving us. If so, why do we leave Him out of the story?
I have been told that you’re allowed to work on the holidays of Purim and Chanukah. Why are those holidays different than Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot, when most work is prohibited, almost like Shabbat?
The rest of the people might have felt they should be fasting, but were not permitted to, since they needed every ounce of strength to defend themselves against Haman’s venomous hordes. Esther, sitting in the palace, was the only one who had nothing to fe...
I know its origins aren't very "Jewish," but I'm worried that my kids will feel left out if they can't go trick-n-treating in the neighborhood...
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