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Everything has a Purpose

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A king once had a prized jewel, the crown jewel in his magnificent diadem. But one morning, to his dismay, he discovered a single thin crack descending down its face.
Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 5
Intimacy with G-d reveals personal meaning in the ups and downs of life.
Question: I know that I should forgive, but there are so many people that have done me wrong. I just can't let go of that. What should I do? Response: A friend of mine went to use the restroom in a large department store, where a toilet fell off the wall,...
Don't consume more than you burn. The concept behind healthful eating is actually quite simple. The same applies to our spiritual eating regimen...
What does it mean, and what does it mean to us...
Aside from stimulating our minds and inspiring our mystic wonder, what are the practical ramifications of the truth that G‑d is creating the world anew every moment of time?
Life secrets from a woman who has lived more than a century
It’s not every day that one is privileged to sit across from a woman whose life has spanned an entire century. At 105 years old, Mrs. Pollack is astonishingly attentive and aware . . .
“Not often useful.” My Pavlovian response to that elegant formulation is euphoria. I think I will adopt it as my own. Things happen, and now I will be prepared . . .
An Open Letter to an Inmate
I walked into the big room. Actually, I was led into the big room. Nobody just walks where they choose to in prison. I saw all the women, dressed in green shirts and green pants, sitting around. Quiet. Almost lifeless. Their souls beaten...
After exulting in a tranquil week surrounded by the simple beauty of nature, we were ready to plunge back into the onslaught of life, with renewed vigor. But apparently our van had a mind of its own...
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