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Beitzah (6)
The prohibition mentioned in the Torah is to mix meat (beef) with milk. This injunction was extended by the Sages to include fowl as its meat can be confused with beef. Eggs do not fall into this category as they cannot be mistaken for meat. Furthermore, ...
Brown chicken eggs are kosher. Nevertheless, you do need to examine them carefully for non-kosher blood spots as brown eggs tend to have more blood spots than white ones. "The reason is two-fold. Firstly, the genetics of brown birds predisposes them to la...
"Did you know," Ben said, "that if this would be a non kosher egg, like an owl's egg, and it would fall into a pot of food, then the whole pot-full of food would become non-kosher?"
The olive yields its best oil when pulverized. As our physiotherapists tell us (with such compassion that I want to hit them!), “No pain, no gain” . . .
What we must do with every egg before using it in cooking
A chicken egg is one of the most familiar items of our daily diet. The average American eats one egg a day, or 365 eggs a year. There is a variety of ways to prepare an egg for breakfast. Some prefer a boiled egg; hard, soft, or medium; some like it fried...
It is forbidden to eat blood
Leviticus 7:26 "You shall not eat any blood" We are forbidden to eat any blood. When an animal is slaughtered, its blood is poured away. Afterwards, we must soak and salt the meat. This process drains the blood which is in the meat. After the meat is soak...
The custom of giving round foods is learned from Jacob, who cooked a pot of lentils.
One must be adept at identifying the differences between the splotches on a button quail egg and those on a kosher coturnix egg.
Only roe with kosher certification is acceptable.
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