Song of the Well

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Song of the Well: The Israelites sang this song of thanksgiving for the well which had accompanied them through the desert for forty years, as described in Numbers 21.
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Understanding and learning from the “Song of the Well”
Along with the sincere compassion for another person’s pain comes the sense of gratitude for not having that particular struggle in my life.
What are the two most important words we need to say every day? The Song of the Well reminds us how vital it is to recognize the blessings we have during every moment of our day. Open up your hearts for this week‘s incredible story which takes you on a jo...
It’s all very poetic, but what exactly happened that inspired them to burst into this serenade?
What miracle occurred at Arnon?
There is the image of water: a spring of water among the garnsde, that trickles underground, down, down, down, through the layers of stone and sand which refine it and purify it . . .
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