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Mishpatim: Mishpatim: (a) (lit. "judgments") Rational commandments, one of the three categories of mitzvot. (b) One of the 53 Torah portions (in the Book of Exodus). (c) The 13th book of Maimonides' Code of Law.
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Our world has succeeded in defining the "rightful" sphere of religious influence, immunizing other aspects of life of the demands and criteria of religion.
Why to do a mitzvah that makes sense
The name of our parshah is Mishpatim, which means "laws." There are several words for "law" in Hebrew. All have a similar meaning, but a slightly different nuance. Mishpatim, or "judgements," means laws which can easily be un...
Our Sages differentiate between the rational mitzvot (mishpatim) and the supra-rational mitzvot (chukim); a third, intermediate category are the "testimonial" or commemorative mitzvot (eidot). But in essence, says the Rebbe, the most rational mishpat is a...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 16, Parsha Mishpatim
A skit in four parts, with four siblings and four questions.
Characters: Abbie:Trendy lady in her mid-twenties. Heavily into new-age spirituality, saving the ecosystem and exotic travel. Sheldon: Sheldon plays tough, but there’s a soft spot inside for his family. Tom:Soft-spoken. Hangs out a lot in nature, thinking...
On the question asked by wisdom itself
Wisdom, it turns out, is prototyped not by its answer, but by its question. But what is the question that wisdom never ceases to ask?
Life Lessons from Parshat Mishpatim
The portion of Mishpatim contains many mitzvahs and details related to civil law. The first law, which is about the Jewish servant, conveys a profound teaching in attaining true freedom.
This class explains the significance of the logical and mundane laws of the Torah and the special connection of these mitzvot to the general theme of the giving of the Torah.
Our parshah opens with a listing of moral and civil laws. It really seems odd that the awesome revelation on Mt. Sinai should be followed by laws that any just nation would follow.
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