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Olive Oil (19)
Gas (6)
In June, oil was $140 a barrel. Auto manufactures were replacing gas guzzlers with go-carts. Now gas is back to around $2.45 a gallon -- I guess our economy is back to rock solid...
There are two main issues at stake here, the first environmental and the second geopolitical—neither of which can be ignored and both of which are of Jewish interest.
Rabbi Mendel Cunin, co-director of the Reno-based Chabad-Lubavitch of Northern Nevada, has one more benefit to add to the litany of spiritual blessings Jewish tradition attributes to observance of Shabbat: more money in your wallet. In an interesting twis...
It matters not that other available incentives might actually save us more money. $2500 cash-back doesn't sound nearly as alluring as $2.99 gas...
Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff
And the difference between $4.24 (uh oh; just went to $4.32) a gallon and the "good old days" is still only about $10 a fill up...
It was the kind of neighborhood where you don’'t just take a leisurely walk, even in the daytime. I was scared . . .
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