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Bitachon (Trust in G-d)

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Bitachon (Trust in G-d)
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Bitachon (Trust in G-d): faith and trust in G-d; this is not the belief in G-d per se, rather it is the faith that everything that G-d does--everything that occurs--will be for the good
The world seems to be going through significant turmoil. How can we sleep peacefully in our beds at night with such storms brewing outside our front doors?
In my humble opinion—and apparently, Joel, you concur—this is the most difficult of G‑d’s promises to swallow and act upon. But He really means it, and that’s why He is so disturbed by the lack of trust.
Profile of a Passionate Soldier
"All the guys are praying for one another," said Levi. "Each one prays that the guy behind him, and the guy in front of him will come out of this okay."
A candid discussion with a Toronto mother about her son who is serving in the Israeli army
"What is it like for you to have a son poised to begin the ground assault? To come face to face with his enemies?" I ask Lily.
Recently, Aaron's teenage son suffered a tragic accident. The reaction of most parents would understandably be anger and outrage at the unfairness and cruelty of life. But not Aaron...
Kabbala Toons: Episode XVIII
In life, there’s a parachute for every fall.
Artist's Statement: When we have Bitachon (trust), we feel confident that G-d is taking care of us and guarding us at every moment. This knowlege further connects us to Him.
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