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Bitachon (Trust in G-d)

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Bitachon (Trust in G-d): faith and trust in G-d; this is not the belief in G-d per se, rather it is the faith that everything that G-d does--everything that occurs--will be for the good
This class analyzes in great detail the special quality of “bitachon” (trust and faith in G-d) which is so fundamental in Judaism.
An in-depth analysis of the basis of our faith and trust in G-d that all will actually be good.
This class expounds upon the true meaning of Bitachon – trust in G-d as a distinct quality from belief and faith in G-d.
G-d Helps Those Who Help Themselves
This class explains in great detail how our involvement in natural endeavors isn’t a contradiction to our absolute trust in G-d.
To what extent are we to place our trust and reliance in G-d? For this we must analyze the distinction between emunah and bitachon—belief in G-d vs. trust in G-d.
Drawing on personal experience in facing grave illness, David Kaufmann shares Torah ideas on challenges to our faith.
Faith is not a last resort of desperation: it’s an inherent faculty whose muscle needs to be exercised. Explore the dynamics of our inner faith.
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