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Gid Hanasheh (sciatic nerve)

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Gid Hanasheh (sciatic nerve): Consumption of the sciatic nerve is biblically forbidden, to commemorate Jacob’s victory over an angel after they wrestled all night. The angel dislodged Jacob’s sciatic nerve.
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It is forbidden to eat the "Gid-HaNasheh"
Genesis 32:33 "Therefore the children of Israel shall not eat the sinew of the thigh-vein" When Jacob fought with the angel, (see Genesis 32), the angel pushed his hip out of place. Despite this wound, Jacob continued his battle with the angel and forced ...
When mentioning the prohibition against partaking of gid hanesheh, the displaced tendon,[I.e., the inner sinew, the sciatic nerve. This is forbidden by Scriptural Law. The outer sinew, identified with the peroneal nerve, is forbidden by Rabbinic Law (Chul...
1. It is preferable for one to pause from his travels while saying Tefilas Haderechטור או"ח סימן ק"י, מגן אברהם שם ס"ק י"א. 2. If it is not possible to stop, for instance if he is traveling on a bus or train, or if there is no place on the highway to stop...
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