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Rava: (d. 352) Talmudic sage, student of Rav Nahman, Rav Sheshet, and Rav Joseph. He was also the student and son-in-law of Rav Hisda. He was a close friend and intellectual opponent of Abaye. Their halachic disputes—hundreds of which are recorded in the Talmud—epitomize the Talmud's dialectical logic. In all but a few instances, the halachah follows Rava’s opinion. Rava founded a school in his hometown of Mahuza, which later became the center of Jewish scholarship in Babylonia.
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In honor of the 75th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson
How does Abaye and Rava’s childhood perspective on G-d, influence their Halachic opinions in the case of a lost object? Discover the novel approach of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson on the unique methodology of these two Talmudic sages, based on the teach...
Lost and Found, Lesson 4
An unprecedented presentation of two Talmudic mindsets: Abaye and Rava.
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