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Rava: (d. 352) Talmudic sage, student of Rav Nahman, Rav Sheshet, and Rav Joseph. He was also the student and son-in-law of Rav Hisda. He was a close friend and intellectual opponent of Abaye. Their halachic disputes—hundreds of which are recorded in the Talmud—epitomize the Talmud's dialectical logic. In all but a few instances, the halachah follows Rava’s opinion. Rava founded a school in his hometown of Mahuza, which later became the center of Jewish scholarship in Babylonia.
An in-depth read on the heroic defiance of a Jewish leader
The defiance of Mordechai as he refuses to bow to Haman is a pivotal moment in the Purim story. All the king’s servants who were in the king’s gate would kneel and prostrate themselves before Haman, for so had the king commanded concerning him, but Mordec...
In honor of the 75th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson
How does Abaye and Rava’s childhood perspective on G-d, influence their Halachic opinions in the case of a lost object? Discover the novel approach of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson on the unique methodology of these two Talmudic sages, based on the teach...
An all-encompassing work, the Talmud discusses not only law and ethics but also such practical matters such as investment strategy and unhealthful practices.
Lost and Found, Lesson 4
An unprecedented presentation of two Talmudic mindsets: Abaye and Rava.
Ethics 3:7
Rava was surprised. If this man had such expensive tastes, he would find it hard to get a meal. How did he expect others to take care of him better than they took care of themselves?
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