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Rabba bar Nahmeini

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Rabba bar Nahmeini: (d. c. 330) Talmudic sage. Student of Rav Huna and Rav Judah ben Ezekiel. His deep, penetrating logic, earned him the nickname "uprooter of mountains," and secured him the position of principal of the Torah academy at Pumbedita in Babylon. Under his leadership, the academy gained prominence, and attendance of the semiannual month-long scholarly conventions swelled. Rabbah's notable students included his nephew Abaye and Rava.
When the great sage Rabbah lectured in Talmudic law he would always begin with a joke. But why? After all, his students were dedicated scholars ready to receive his teachings with full concentration...
The events surrounding the deaths of two Sages reveal their intellectual and spiritual compositions.
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