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Samuel bar Abba

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Samuel bar Abba: (d. 257) Talmudic sage, resident of Nahrdea, Babylonia, a contemporary of Rav. In his youth, Samuel studied in Tiberias, Israel, at the Torah academy of Rabbi Judah the Prince. He later returned to his native Babylon, and became the principal of the academy in Nahardea. The Talmud records many examples of Samuel's proficiency in economics, medicine, zoology, astronomy and calendric science.
Shmuel and Avlet, a Persian astrologer, were sitting together watching people go to the pond to cut reeds...
As the community grew, Babylonian Jewry developed unique Torah and political institutions.
When I use the flame of my faith to light someone else’s candle, mine is not diminished.
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 14
In discussing lighting Chanukah candles one from another considering the principle of respect for a mitzvah, the Talmud quotes three disputes between Rav and Shmuel, in-which the halachic ruling follows Shmuel instead of Rav.
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