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Rachel's Tomb, located in the city of Bethlehem, lay on a deserted roadside for centuries. Rachel's descendents would come here to pour out their hearts to her. Rachel is a continuous source of comfort to her children...
Sacred Sightseeing: Kever Rachel
Join Rabbi Mordechai Weiss as he tours the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlahem, and discover its history and significance.
The story of the world’s first Jewish tombstone!
Learn the biblical story of our matriarch Rachel’s passing and unusual burial at the side of the road, and discover the incredible significance of Rachel’s Tomb.
A Taste of Text—Vayechi
Can we look beyond the faults or inadequacies of another to envision what our matriarch saw?
Rachel weeps for her children
We all hope and pray for a biological mother (in addition to Rachel) who will protect and nurture us. Everyone deserves as much. But even when blessed with a healthy mother, we must always remember that all of us live in a form of “spiritual exile,” in ne...
Rachel's Lesson in Life and in Death
Do people sometimes make you SO mad? But maybe there is another perspective...
We are each alone as we prepare our thoughts. Soon we will disembark from the bus to spend a precious half-hour in prayer at this sacred holy site...
Part 6
The history of Rachel’s Tomb and its special significance in Biblical sources.
Rachel’s Tomb one of the most spiritual place I have ever been. Rachel, our biblical mother who wept because see foresaw the exile of her children. It is foretold that she will see and rejoice in the ingathering of the exile that will pass her tomb. I pai...
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