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15 Shevat

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15 Shevat: the fifteenth of Shevat, celebrated as “The New Year for Trees”
‘New Year for Trees’ marked at homes and Chabad centers worldwide
The holiday of 15 Shevat, known as the “New Year for Trees, marks the beginning of the year’s new season of agricultural growth. This year, it’s celebrated from Tuesday night, Jan. 30, through Wednesday, Jan. 31. Commonly known as Tu B’Shevat, the 15th da...
Children are the focus of holiday activities around the world
The holiday of Tu B’Shevat—known as the “New Year for Trees”—marks the very beginning of each year’s new season of agricultural growth. This year, it was heralded by celebrations and activities that demonstrate personal growth and bridge-building in commu...
15 Shevat celebration with Holocaust survivors, with food and song
Holocaust survivors and other seniors gathered on Monday to celebrate 15 Shevat—the New Year of the Trees—in Lod, a city in central Israel. The participants, who numbered in the dozens, enjoyed the warmth of each other’s company, a hot meal and entertainm...
A soup kitchen operated by Colel Chabad had Safed residents dancing to Jewish music during the Jewish "New Year for Trees."
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