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The Jewish community in Basel, Switzerland, celebrated the dedication of the new Feldinger Chabad Jewish Center.
On the 20th of Iyar in 1288, thirteen Jews in Troyes, France, were burned at the stake by the Inquisition. They were accused, in a blood libel, of the supposed murder of a Christian child. The thirteen Jews were chosen from among the richer members of the...
Following a blood libel and the decree, if found guilty, to destroy the synagogue of Ettingen, Switzerland, the Jews were acquitted. The local Jews celebrated this day as a local "Purim" celebration-day of thanksgiving. Links: The Other Purims
The Jews of Berne, Switzerland were expelled on this date in 1427. Berne had a long history of expulsions and anti-Jewish riots.
Publicizing the Chanukah Miracle
In the center of town, at the Paradeplatz, this menorah brought the Chanukah festival to Jews in Zurich, Switzerland.
Sami Rohr and the Feldinger Chabad House
This video gives the background behind the historic dedication of the first synagogue to open in Basel, Switzerland since 1929. Philanthropist Sami Rohr who funded the project, was able to honor the memory of Shlomo Zalman and Recha Feldinger, who at the ...
As Rabbi in Switzerland, ensure that people come there for spiritual purposes as well, not just the fresh air.
Toronto, Switzerland & Greece
I'm embarking on a week-long lecture tour all across Europe. Stay tuned for further updates throughout this week and next.
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